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PT.Citra Dimensi Arthali, Jakarta

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PT.Citra Dimensi Arthali,  Jakarta
PT.Citra Dimensi Arthali, Jakarta
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Name:Mr. Nixon [Marketing]
Mobile Number:083896361968
Address:Perum Perikanan Samudra
Jakarta, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Aug. 21, 2011
Last Updated:Oct. 08, 2014
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Food & Beverage category

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Company Brief

Since its inception in 1995, PT. Citra Dimensi Arthali ( Cedea Seafood) has undertaken a meticulous effort to produce seafood on of consistent quality and value. Instead of lamenting over the mediocre standards prevalent in the domestic seafood industry. Cedea Seafood created a new set of standards and raised the bar.

We have never lost sight of our original concept of processing and distributing only the freshest, finest quality frozen seafood, value added seafood, and seafood related products; offering superior value and service to our customers nationwide.

To date, in celebration of our 12 years of service, we are proud to service a variety of retail and food service customers. In addition to major supermarket chains and speciality seafood retailers, we also supply fine restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

Our products extend from frozen block shrimp, IQF shrimp, to value-added products such as breaded shrimp, crispy shrimp tempura, potato shrimp, dimsum, yong tofu, and surimi products . We are also the sole distributor of KANIKA fish/ surimi-based products.

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